Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nifty Tips For Tomorrow 22 November

Kasab Death Sentence :-

21 November 2012 can not be considered ordinary in the history of India. The day began with the dazzling news of Kasab's death sentence. Aamir Ajmal Kasab who was slowly and gradually turning into a hulk for the frail people whom he savagely killed in 26/11 and role model for other such terrorists, has been hanged till death.

Some are considering it as a appreciative overture by the government of India and some are naming it the conspiracy by the system to distract people's mind from  Gujrat Elections and Parliament Winter Session. Well this will surely be one of the top topics in the 2014 election manifesto of the present Government. 

Reasons of Israel Attack on Gaza :-

On the International front Israel is attacking Gaza, leaving the world unrest. Israel is attacking Gaza because Hamas’s rocket attacks pose a security threat to Israel and its settlements. Israeli sources claim that Hamas has obtained sophisticated weapons which were smuggled all the way from Libya. In step with these accounts, some western officials have declared their support for Israel’s right to defend itself, while others have been appealing to both Israel and Hamas to exercise restraint and agree to a cease fire.

Indian Share market :- 

On The Indian Market front, equities gained strength in the last hour of trade on Wednesday despite listless trade in global peers. The NSE Nifty closed above the 5600 level for the first time in last four sessions after seeing the consolidation with a negative bias since last week. The index rose 43.25 points to close at 5,614.80.

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