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My dear Investors September series was a missed opportunity for most of the small investors due to apprehension regarding the market. Now after the profitable surprise in September now the million dollars question what lies ahead in October series.

Nearly 1 month ago we advised that the action on the part of the Government will be game changer. We also said that this Govt. has next 45-60 days to do some salvage act. The way Smart money is all out for their buying spree as reflected in the FII data and Block deal figures indicated this thing coming. 

Just imagine what will happen to Indian stocks when retail investors and FDI money will chase them with billions and trillions of dollars. A year ago we predicted that in 18-30 months Indian stock market will play the lead act in world investing stage. Visit the site and read yourself the article still posted on the right column of the site.

So forget the blue channels, analysts or advocating huge downside and go all out in the market to make your fortune. Believing on them small investors has already missed the rally till now. Occasional correction is a part and parcel of a healthy market. Use correction day to buy. We are again advocating that 2012 will be the most profitable year for Indian investors. Now it up to you to decide:-

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