Thursday, October 25, 2012

Share Market Trend Today : FnO Expiry Tips

Good Morning readers, market today opened gap up after the holiday of Dussehra. Market in the opening bell is showing quite trend, as today is FnO expiry so the market moves will be towards expiry.

Moving towards the currencies, nothing new from the FOMC meet yesterday. The Fed will retain its rates near zero until mid-2015 and will continue with the stimulus. The Dollar Index (79.95) has come off from the high of 80.15 and is retaining its 78.90-80.10 sideways range. 80.10-25 will be an important Resistance region which needs to be broken for the index to move up higher. While below 80.25, a pull back to 79.50 and even 79 is possible in the coming days.

Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Trading Recommendations :- 

Nifty Future updated at 09.07AM

Buy At/Above 5687.7 Tgt 5704.7/5719.0/5736.2/5750.5

Sell At/Below 5676.3 Tgt 5659.3/5645.1/5628.2/5614.1

Bank Nifty updated at 09.16AM

Buy At/Above 11583.6 Tgt 11618.3/11647.4/11682.3/11711.5

Sell At/Below 11560.4 Tgt 11525.7/11496.9/11462.4/11433.8


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